Our structure

Membership of the Coalition

Membership registration is open for civil society organisations working in the field of Corporate Accountability, such as NGOs, Trade Unions, consumer organisations, faith based groups or grass root level organisations. Only one platform per country can apply to become a member. Organizations who are not platforms but come from a country where the platform is already ECCJ member, can apply for affiliate status. In countries where there is no platform existing yet, an organization can become member until a platform is formed.

General Assembly

All members of ECCJ convene once a year in the General Assembly to approve the annual work plan and the budget and make decisions regarding the main strategic and political issues.

The Steering Group (SG)

The Coalition is led by a Steering Group (SG) made up of seven representatives of organisations who have particular interest in working to achieve its aims. The SG is elected every two years at the ECCJ General Assembly considering regional, gender and expertise balance. At this moment, the following organisations form the SG: Germanwatch on behalf of the CorA platform (Germany), the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Frank Bold (Czech Republic), Friends of the Earth Europe (Belgium), the MVO platform (Netherlands), the Forum Citoyen pour la RSE (France) and the CORE Coalition (UK).


ECCJ is funded by membership contributions and external funding.
Current funding for ECCJ is provided by:
the IMPACT Alliance, the Sigrid Rausing Trust Foundation, Isvara Foundation, Misereor, Brot fur die Welt, European Commission (DG Justice).

ECCJ as a Dutch Foundation

ECCJ has been established as a legal entity since 2010.
Please find below the annual financial accounts.
ECCJ Annual Accounts 2010
ECCJ Annual Accounts 2011
ECCJ Annual Accounts 2012
ECCJ Annual Accounts 2013