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    ECCJ calls the French Parliament to adopt a law on parent company duty of vigilance
    9 February, by European Coalition for Corporate Justice

    On January 23rd ECCJ sent a letter to some members of the French National Assembly in support to the bill that is currently being discussed. This bill would establish a duty of vigilance on French parent companies. The bill has been advanced by the ecologist and socialist groups of the National Assembly and has the support from 4 political groups. However, over the last weeks, in the run-up to the vote, the French government has called the socialist group to revise the proposal. A vote should take place in the end of March. French NGOs are highly mobilized to ensure a meaningful outcome (...)

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    ECCJ & ICAR Release Assessments of Current National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights
    1 December 2014, by European Coalition for Corporate Justice

    The International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) and ECCJ have conducted structured assessments of current National Action Plans (NAPs) on business and human rights. To date, only four countries — the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland — have released NAPs on business and human rights. At the same time, a number of other governments have begun the process of developing such NAPs or have publicly announced an intention to do so. As such, it is essential that the four existing NAPs be closely analyzed in terms of their content and processes in order to assess (...)

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